0225555555 up for grabs


There's something magic about the mobile number 022 555 5555. At least that's what bidders on the number's trademe auction appear to think.

The number was put up for auction last week and received a lot of attention, including 83 comments (+ the seller's replies) and a final bid of $3020 - an amount that failed to meet the reserve.

Many of the earlier comments attempted to rubbish the seller for what they perceived as rip-off price expectations. What they failed to realise though was that the seller had taken on a risk and shelled out $2300 for the number back in August during the second batch of 2degrees charity auctions. Still, that would have meant a tidy 31% profit in just 1.5 months had the number sold for its top bid.

Undeterred by the lack of a sale, the seller relisted the magic number with a $1 reserve and the auction is due to close on Sunday evening, 27th September.

With a definite sale in the making, we expect a lot of bidding and a handsome price this time round.

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MobileOnline said on 28-Sep-2009:
Well the auction came to a close and a profit was made - but with a sale price of just $2510 (compared with a maximum bid of $3020 last time) we imagine that the seller isn't entirely satisfied with the outcome.

Perhaps we'll see this number pop up for auction yet again in the future..?
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