022 number range opened up


In August we wrote an article showing people how to choose their own 022 number.

Back then the range of possible numbers to choose from was somewhat limited as 2degrees had only opened up the 0220 number range for general registrations. Other numbers were active on the system but you couldn't actually choose them through the Change your number section of the 2degrees website.

Well we've noticed that sometime within the last few days 2degrees have opened up their number range to make the following numbers available for general registration:

  • 0220
  • 0221
  • 0222
  • 0223
  • 0224
  • 0225
  • 0226

From the 2degrees mobile website:

"You can pick from numbers starting with 022 0, 022 1, 022 2, 022 3, 022 4, 022 5 and 022 6."

"Some numbers have already been used, so if the specific number you want isn't available then we're really sorry."

So if you're wanting a 7-letter word number for your mobile phone then you can now try your luck with words starting with the letters a - o

Maybe you'll even snag your own name!

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