$12/month for "non-stop" txts


Telecom announced an offer this week that is sure to attract a lot of attention:

Send all the texts you want to any NZ network for just $12 per month.

That's right, unlimited texts for only $12 to any New Zealand mobile phone network.

You can take advantage of this super cheap texting right through until the end of January 2011, but only if you sign up to the deal by 31 January 2010, and you need to be on telecom XT

Of course there are some terms and conditions attached to the offer, most notably the inclusion of a "fair use" policy - if you "considerably exceed historic average text figures" then you may be asked to reduce your texting usage.

i.e. non-stop text is not quite non-stop...

Still, this sounds like a pretty good offer for all you txting maniacs out there.

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Rory said on 17-Feb-2010:
WOW! Thats a deal!
Keith said on 24-Feb-2010:
This is a great deal! Grab it while you can,
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