Choose your own 022 mobile number!


2degrees mobile launched their new network this week and that means there are currently plenty of new mobile numbers to choose from. Now is the ideal time to snag yourself a special 022 phone number.

Is it really possible to choose your own number?

Yes! New SIM cards come with a pre-allocated number but the good people at 2degrees have made it easy to change that default number to any other available number under the 022 prefix. All you need to do is call customer support on 0800 022 022 or follow the steps below to change your number online

It's best to change your number online - that way you get to play around with different numbers to find the best ones available.

Want a word number like 022 MY PHONE? Try the word > number converter here on Currently 2degrees let you choose a maximum of 7 digits after the 022, but there aren't many 7 character words available - we recommend trying for 5 or 6 character words.

Here's how to get a personalised number:

  1. Buy a 2degrees mobile SIM card and insert it into your cellphone
  2. Visit the 2degreesmobile website and sign up for "Your 2degrees"
  3. Once you've signed up, you'll be automatically sent a temporary password. Use this password to log in to Your degrees
  4. The first time you log in you'll be asked to change your password. Go ahead and change it then carry on to the next step
  5. Choose Change your number from the side menu in the Your degrees account page, and agree to the terms and conditions if you're asked.
  6. Now you can enter in a combination of digits and search for available phone numbers containing those digits. Try out some cool sequences and patterns of 3-4 digits, or use our tool above to work out your own word-number
  7. Any available numbers matching the combination you entered will be displayed on the screen - or you'll get a message saying that there's nothing available.
  8. Click on a number to select it, confirm your selection on the next page, then you're sorted!

Get in quick before all the best numbers go!

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Levi said on 16-Aug-2009, "0220":
Havent 2degrees only released 0220 numbers so far?
MobileOnline said on 17-Aug-2009:
Yes Levi, it seems so - at least as far as choosing your own number. But 0226 is used for the SIM cards on sale and of course there were 85 premium numbers auctioned off, most of which weren't 0220 or 0226.
Lefon said on 19-Aug-2009, "0226":
So if you BUY a 0226 sim card, can you change that number too?
MobileOnline said on 19-Aug-2009:
Yes, you can change your 0226 number when you buy a SIM card - but for now the available numbers all start with 0220. i.e. your 0226 number gets dropped and you get a new 0220 number to replace it.
MobileOnline said on 3-Oct-2009:
2degrees have released a greater range of numbers.
You can now choose from 0220 through to 0226
Annette Creagh said on 8-Jul-2012, "Paging":
Please let me know why my 022 clients are unable to access my Telecom pager numbers as this is a vital service they need to be able to use. It's available to my Vodafone clients
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