Free mobile TV trial for telecom XT customers


Telecom mobile have announced a free trial of mobile TV to XT customers until the end of November 2009.

Shows are available on demand, 24 hours a day and are scheduled to be available within 12 hours of airing on home TV. Mobile TV is available to anyone on the XT network with a Mobile TV capable phone.

Pricing has not yet been announced beyond the free trial period, but is likely to follow a fee-based subscription model based on weekly or monthly payments.

Vodafone offer a similar product, Sky Mobile TV, which costs $2.50 per week - the service automatically renews each week but can be cancelled at any time.

Telecom Mobile spokesman Paul Taylor claims an advantage of the XT Mobile TV service over alternative offereings is, "you don't have to watch the whole episode to find out what happened at the end - you can simply skip to the last could watch a couple of chapters on the bus into work, and finish the episode on the way home."

Telecom also point out that XT Mobile TV is powered by QuickPlay Media, claiming a history of high-quality mobile TV and video services.

XT Mobile TV services are available to XT network customers, and are not deducted from data allowances. For more information call Telecom XT on *123



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