Facebook SMS on your vodafone mobile


VodafoneNZ tweeted today that Facebook SMS is now live for Vodafone NZ. I.e. it's now possible to update your facebook status and do some other facebooky things by TXTing on your vodafone phone. Up until now this was only possible in New Zealand using Telecom phones.

Are you ready to get facebook on-the-go? Here's how to activate facebook texts

But wait!

Of course I tried this out, and what was the result?

Vodafone replied with an SMS:

"Sorry - The service on 32665 is not available"

Ok, what about sending the message to 3223 as mentioned in the vodafone tweet?

Yep, that worked fine - I'm now the proud owner of a vodafone-SMS-facebook-status-update

Just remember to text to 3223 (rather than 32665 which is mentioned on the facebook page)

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MobileOnline said on 21-Aug-2009:
According to vodafone, the facebook messages are:
* free to receive
* standard rate to send (20c)

They don't count as part of any text packages.
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